Thai Fruit Season: Mangosteen



Mangosteen (มังคุด “maan-koot”) is easily my FAVOURITE fruit EVER. In Thailand we class it as the Queen of Fruits (with the Durian as the King of Fruits, read my previous post here).

  • Mangosteen is classed as a ‘cool’ fruit and is often eaten alongside Durian, which is a ‘hot’ fruit.
  • They are very nutritious, low in calorie and are extremely delicious!
  • They are super full of Vitamin C!
  • Don’t ever spill mangosteen juice (from the rind) on your clothes, it will never come out….

This is my ultimate fruit of choice, if you ever travel to South East Asia, I would DEFINITELY recommend you eating this….although be warned, you may become addicted…!

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