Thai Fruit Season: Rambutan



Rambutan (เงาะ “ng-oh”) is a funny little fruit – the original name (Malay-Indo) means ‘hair’, because of all the hairs this fruit has! We have a Rambutan tree in our garden in Chanthaburi, every year my uncles cut the tree and it grows back through the seasons, then my cousin climbs the tree to cut the fruit down and my aunts strip the leaves and put the fruit into baskets (my job is just to sit at the table and eat them all….)!

  • Rambutan is a member of the lychee family – it actually tastes a little similar!
  • The fruit is really good for you, it promotes cell growth and helps prevent certain types of cancer
  • You can use oil from the seeds to make candles and soap!

I definitely miss looking out my window every day at the Rambutan tree in our garden. When it fruits, it’s so bright and colourful!

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