The Southbank Arts Trail

I had a great time at the South Bank Arts Trail this year, it was my first time exhibiting here and it was a blast! The weather was lovely and we had some really nice people walking around. My fans and parasols were very popular with the little girls as the sun was shining all weekend!

I was exhibiting in St.Francis Church on North Street, all the ladies and gents who run the church were all incredibly lovely and made us feel very much at home. We were also treated to a church choir on Saturday afternoon; the church choir had teamed up with a local school to sing contemporary songs, it was great!

I also shared the space with some other lovely exhibitors, two beautiful jewellers and Horace, the Alresford Bear! Horace was very popular this weekend and even posed with some of my stuff (photo credit of Horace to his humans over on his twitter account)!

All in all, it was an amazing weekend, thanks to my mum and sister who came along to help, as usual!




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