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My name is Yasaman Haghighat and I’m a half Thai, half Persian Illustrator and Designer, living in Bristol in the UK.

I was born in the UK but I’ve just returned to England having moved to Thailand 3 years ago to live, work, eat amazing food and get back to my Thai roots!

My inspiration for my artwork comes from the 3 different cultures I have been influenced by throughout my life; all the stories and folklores of Thailand and Iran that my grandmothers used to tell me as well as being brought up in England have made me the artist I am today.

I hope you enjoy looking at my art and the different styles I like to play with; I create bright digital images, hand ink illustrations, hand paint and experiment with pencils and other traditional mediums. As well as artwork, I also work on various costume and prop projects (see my ‘Other’ section!).

Don’t hesitate to contact me with any queries!

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